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Writing Pause, Bachelor Thesis and Future Plans

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Today I have a little personal update. As you have probably noticed, I haven't posted for quite some time. Even though I was thinking about my next posts a lot, I didn't spend the time to write my thoughts down. Mostly, because I was quite busy and often didn't feel like the topic would be interesting enough to read about, or that I couldn't give better insights than other, more experienced developers and bloggers.

In the past few weeks, I have enjoyed reading Ben Stokes' Daily Blog, which has shown that some personal angles can even make simpler content quite interesting and consequently inspired me to make this more personal post.

What I've been doing

My last semester was quite busy. While the vaccination rate went up and more and more restrictions were lifted, I finally had some concerts again. The newly allowed activities left little free time apart from rehearsals, my job, and writing my bachelor thesis.

Two weeks ago, I finally handed in my bachelor thesis and had my presentation, which went quite well! Towards the end of my deadline writing got a little stressful. I couldn't include everything I wanted to write about, but I guess that's normal and I can be satisfied with my results. In my thesis, I simplified complex event processing/handling in reactive programming by implementing a concept called "reactors" into the REScala Framework.

After I turned my thesis in, I finally developed a website for my brass quintet MainzlBrass using Nuxt.js and TailwindCSS. For content management, I chose Strapi CMS but I haven't deployed the Strapi instance publicly yet. Currently, we are still waiting for our search engine rankings to normalize.

Next, I want to experiment with Shopify apps a little bit. Stay tuned, hopefully, you will soon hear about my next personal project 😃!

Future plans

Currently, I am looking searching for internships. I'd love to do an internship in the US, but it seems to be difficult to get a visa sponsored, after all the competition is high enough without international students. Not having work restrictions across the EU really is a benefit of living here and therefore I am currently broadening my scope.

Apart from that, I already have a few ideas for upcoming blog posts. In the meantime, I have bought my first smartwatch and I just couldn't find an article about their impact on concentration and if they possibly are distracting. Consequently, I am thinking about writing about how the watch affects my work.

Because I wanted vim keybindings while writing my bachelor thesis, I started using Emacs. Since I'm quite satisfied with my configuration and how my tools integrate, I also thought about describing my academic writing setup and workflow.

Finally, a showcase of my bachelor thesis could also be an interesting post!

If you have any comments or topics you want me to write about, please drop me a message.